Who am I? 


First and formost, I am a family man. My girls are my most cherished clients, and the two little ones can be my most demanding. Fortunately for you, my beautiful family is an amazing motivation to work as hard as I can at my job.

What do I do?


Architectural Illustrations is 80% of what I do. But I have other talents that benefit my clients as well, including Photography, Graphic Design, mechanical illustrations, and Landscape Design.


I have a degree from UC Davis in Landscape Architecture and have been an avid photographer for over ten years. I was also the kid in class that doodled when I should have been taking notes. So drawing or "rendering" has always been a part of my life. If the task is artistic then it is within my scope of work.


I also offer 3D Via services that include everything from product motion videos, patent drawings, to product manuals. 

What Do I Use?


When I started rending it was by hand. Before too long I learned how to use AutoCAD and then Photoshop. Now I am able to offer services in multiple 3D modeling programs that allow me to seamlessly work with my clients and their programs. 


For mechanical engineering clients I use 3D Via to create beautifully rendered videos that show how conceptual products will work. You have to see it to believe it.

Why Choose Valley Graphics?


With a simple Google search you can reach thousands of Architectural Illustrators. So the question is, why choose Valley Graphics?



  • Great Value: Being a one man show based out of a home office I am able reduce my overhead and pass that savings on to my clients. Through repetition and practice I am able to provide quality services in short amounts of time. This means additional savings with quality work.


  • Experienced: With ten years’ experience in Architectural Rendering, a background in Landscape Architecture, and years of sales experience, my clients can be confident in my technical abilities as well as my communication skills.


  • Service Based: In the development business deadlines are always right around corner. Missing a deadline can delay a project for weeks if not months. Valley Graphics has never missed a deadline, even taking projects at the last minute and delivering a finished product overnight. Communication is important when talking     about service. My clients can reach me through email, phone, and texting at almost any time of the day. It will always be me you’re talking to as well. This adds up to a great experience on every project. 



Contact Me

To get in touch, please use my online form or call 916 223-3488.


Paul Davis

Valley Graphics

1761 Diamond Woods Circle  
Roseville, CA 95747





Douglas Gibson

A.I.A. Project Architecture

"Revit by Autodesk is an extremely powerful modeling software that we have used in the past for public presentations. Unfortunately, it lacks a certain warmth that only an artist could appreciate. Paul Davis and Valley Graphics have taken our client’s vision, our skills and technology and created visual renderings that are both powerful and artistic. Entitlements are hard enough, and by helping civic leaders, community stakeholders and clients see the potential of new projects before investing millions of dollars in construction costs, Paul’s services are economical and extremely relevant in this current building market.”

Jason Reed

Director of Civil Engineering at Cardno WRG


"I have had the opportunity to work with Paul as both a Colleague and more recently to work with him by hiring Valley Graphics for some photo-simulations. Paul has continually proven himself to be a detail oriented, quality driven, and responsive individual. I recently approached Paul with a project that required a quick turn around and he was on board to get what we needed for the deliverable. The product was specifically what we had anticipated and it was correct when we received it. I look forward to working with Paul in the future as other opportunities arise."


Thomas H. Phelps

Owner, THPLA, Inc. Landscape Architecture

“I have been working with Paul since he graduated from UC Davis and his work, value, and consistent performance are always beyond expectations.  I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone in need of high quality computer renderings and plan graphics.”

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